Achieve Independence through Employment



Consumer Services’ number one priority is to provide high quality programs that eliminate barriers to employment.  It is the mission of the organization to meet the cultural needs of the consumers/clients referred for services and to assist them in meeting their full employment potential. With the various resources the department offers it is with continuous advocacy that we not only empower the consumers we serve, but provide  employers with a loyal, dedicated workforce. Providing options for current and future employers to understand the potential in hiring a diverse workforce that includes people with disabilities.  Our Program Manager, Paul Porter, is available to assist you with your program needs.

Work Activity Program:  (FRW) offers a wide variety of work training opportunities using real work experience as its training tool.    Our goal is to provide realistic employment experience to program participants while emphasizing vocational skill development and job exploration. This will enable our consumers to develop positive work ethics and enable all individuals to progress in to the competitive labor market.  Length of service is determined on an individual basis.  Work training opportunities include: Assembly, Packaging, Labeling and Sorting, just to name a few. Our training  team provides our consumers with the skills necessary to complete jobs correctly and on schedule.  FRW case management team works closely with consumers to assist them with their employment goals,  offering  guidance to help them reach their full potential.  

Community Employment-Supported Employment, Assessment and Employment Services: (FRW) provides participants with the opportunity to work in a community setting while receiving support services that will encourage consumers to attain independence, successful work skills and personal growth.  Services provided through this component include:  Individualized Program Planning, Job Preparation, Job Development and Job Coaching. Job Club is offered to consumers seeking community employment.  Skills include:  application process, (written and computer) job  searching using internet and other printed resources, mock interviews, and dressing for success. Employment Placement Services and Paid Work. Participants may work in a work group or an individual placement.   Job coaching support is provided 100% of the time while working in a group.  Individual placements participate in a fade process which  allows consumers to become a  fully independent and competitive employee.  

Our Program Services Team