Quality Assurance


The Fontana Rehabilitation Workshop, Inc. dba Industrial Support Systems (FRW) is committed to meeting customer satisfaction through continual improvement of its products, services and quality management system.  Providing quality service is the responsibility of each staff member. Our primary goal is Quality that is implemented Top Down – Bottom Up.  Each member of the Board of Directors, staff members and consumers have equal input into the quality process. To ensure effective and continuous quality improvement, input is solicited from all stakeholders. The policies and procedures included in the development of the Quality Management System does not authorize or restrict other policies, procedures, or directives developed for the operational management of the organization.

FRW will:

  • Ensure that products and services meet or exceed expectations by adhering to Scopes of Work and/or contract specifications
  • Ensure that all services/products are delivered in accordance with delivery/service schedules
  • Ensure that all contracts and services are contributing to the Net worth of the organization

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Sylvia E. Anderson

Executive Director

For more information, please contact Joe Varella

Review of full QMS (quality management system) available upon request.

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